Looking for more harmony and strength in mind, body and spirit?

Sevalight Hatha Yoga and Relaxation is here for you…

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Hatha Yoga and Relaxation

You’d like to start, or re-start a yoga practice that really works with your type of body and rhythm?

You know how important it is to give yourself more love and to support your body, as well as your mind and spirit, at this time of rapid change in the world and in our lives?

But you haven’t made it a priority, or found a place where you can receive just what YOU need?  Until NOW!

With Sevalight Hatha Yoga and Relaxation you CAN

  • be taught individually or in small groups (with a friend or partner perhaps) by Jacqueline or Anthony, both highly trained and experienced teachers, at a low cost due to the non-profit status (see below)
  • have postures, exercises and breaths selected and adapted to individual needs
  • have encouragement to go at your own pace, listening to your body
  • take many of the practices into everyday life for improved stress-management and balance at any time
  • make progress on all levels whether you have no knowledge of yoga or are an experienced yogi.

Give yourself some regular time out to steady the spirit, calm the mind, open the body…

it will do you the world of good!


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The association’s prices vary depending on numbers.  One-to-one sessions from 34€, 18€ each for 2, or 15€ each for 3 people.  Special prices for families and for series of classes.

There are so many ways that the practice of Hatha Yoga and Relaxation can help you to:

  • calm the nervous system, relax and de-stress
  • boost the immune system
  • release accumulated toxins and tensions
  • increase concentration and clarity of mind
  • develop strength, stamina and flexibility of body and mind
  • re-establish natural posture and alignment
  • develop confidence, acceptance of self and spiritual direction
  • relieve backache and many other aches and pains
Yoga Group Class

It’s suitable for all ages, levels and body types.  If you have particular pathologies and requirements, Yoga Therapy sessions are also available.  Just check with us what’s best for you.

May our energies be balanced…allowing the mind, body and spirit to flow in harmony and purity.”  Mata Yogananda



“I felt it was getting urgent and important for my body to do yoga.
I was amazed to see how Jacqueline had the intuition to tune in with my needs so that the time has become a pleasure and a blessing.”

ANNE, Pyrenees-Atlantiques