About Yogananda Association

Yogananda Association is a non-profit organisation set up in 2008.

All sessions and courses are available in English or in French.

Yogananda Association est une association de but non lucratif établie en 2008.

Toutes les prestations sont disponibles en français ou en anglais.


We lived in Wimbledon, London until 2004.  A rich and interesting life, with lots of great challenges, leading us to look for deeper meaning in life. We weren’t interested in fads, or platitudes, we wanted the real thing!  And the answers to some BIG questions.

We found them…and so much more, with in depth training in Pure Meditation, plus Hatha Yoga and Pure Spiritual Healing amongst other things.  We found peace, even when the kids were screaming (mostly), we found balance and how to keep it, we found purpose and meaning in life, an understanding of the deeper issues, why stuff was happening.  We found that we were back in the driving seats of our lives…


How best to share and spread this light?

And so to France

…and Loustalot, a 17th century property, in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Jurançon, near Pau.  We upped and left our London life to follow the ‘signposts’ that life presented.  Much to our surprise and everyone else’s, they all pointed here!

A non-profit felt the best way to make these teachings and sessions available to as many souls as possible so Yogananda Association was born in 2008, a few years after we had moved with our three young children to continue spreading the light in a completely new setting.

As a registered charity in France we work on a voluntary basis.  Yogananda Association’s offerings are unique in France.  We have connections with centres worldwide (New Zealand, Canada, US, Australia, Japan, Ireland, UK)  but are the only providers here which feels very special.

Loustalot main farmhouse

but we were not alone

Mata Yogananda

The Teacher of the teachers

To have the spiritual depth and understanding, we couldn’t do it alone.  And so life had led us to a great spiritual master of our times, Mata Yogananda, a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. Her mission was to bring the ancient spiritual teachings to our modern Western world in practical, down-to earth ways, embracing all creeds, colours and belief systems (it was no accident that she was a woman!).  So we’ve been lovingly trained every step of the way so that we are professionally equipped and have the personal experience to help you.

Unconditional love underpins all the teachings. No religious dogma, just common sense ways of making life on earth so much better.

We’re here to help you do the same.


So look after your SELF and body so your spirit can work well within you.”  Mata Yogananda

…with a whole lineage of great self-realized masters

working behind the scenes to help and to hold us all


Lahiri Mahasaya

Sri Yukteswar

Paramahansa Yogananda

and a truly beautiful place to practise

This is the lovely Dharma Room, a space designed for the association’s use on the slopes of the coteaux of Jurançon, ten minutes from Pau in South West France.  If you’re local, come and visit!

The values and guiding principles of the association

Unconditional Love

All souls are loved equally and valued for who they truly are.


We believe that finding the right balance in all aspects of life is key to our happiness.


We work on developing and attuning to our higher wisdom and knowledge, through our intuition, at all times.


We use practical, spiritual tools to find peace within and so promote peace in our lives and in the world.


We believe in bringing the positivity out of all situations to find the joy in life.