Need to get some perspective, recover and refuel?  Take a personal retreat!  Even a one day retreat can give you that much needed boost…

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Giving yourself a retreat

Things have been getting a bit much and you know that some time away would help. Sounds like you need to retreat…

We know it’s not always easy to find the time, to prioritise yourself and to find just the place.

Problem solved! We offer unique one-day getaways as well as longer retreats to suit your needs.

One-day Retreats

Get away from it all for

just     one     day

just you…with you, in a magical place with all that you need to relax, safe, without responsibilities, surrounded by nature but just 10 minutes from Pau.

Yes, it is possible, with Yogananda Association at Loustalot, in 3 hectares of gardens and woodland on the côteaux of Jurançon.

Simply arrive in the morning at around 9.30am (we’re flexible) and stay until around 4.30pm, or whatever suits.  You will have:

  • the beautiful yoga/meditation space and adjacent little bedroom with bathroom and mini-kitchen just for you for the day
  • the choice of a Hatha Yoga and Relaxation session, a Pure Meditative Peace session or a Pure Spiritual Healing session in the morning
  • an organic, home-cooked vegetarian or vegan lunch
  • an afternoon to yourself to relax, read, reflect, meditate, stroll in the woods for some tree therapy and simply to be…

to get back in touch with yourself, so that you can return home at the end of the day with a whole new look on life.

110€ for the day, all-inclusive.  See below for LONGER RETREATS.

Wisteria at Loustalot

SPECIAL OFFER for your first one day retreat day, 10% reduction

PLUS a delicious green superfood smoothie on arrival. 

Only 98€ for the day, all-inclusive!

Experience has taught me that the very best way to find out if we offer the retreat for you is for us to have a quick chat on the phone.  We can cover so much ground and you can ask all your questions.  Just click the button and  request a call on the contact form.

I will be so happy to speak with you,    Jacqueline

Retreats are important so we can receive extra portions of Love.”  Mata Yogananda

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Longer retreats

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Maybe you are coming from further away or you know you need longer…you know it will take a bit of time, and love, to find yourself again.

Come and stay for a few days, a weekend, a week or longer.  The best thing would be to call us and have a chat about what would be ideal for you.  We have offered all sorts of different retreat packages over the years and understand that YOU are unique and so is your timetable, as well as your budget.

We have the perfect retreat accommodation on site (Gîte Loustalot from 69€ per night), just for you; with the space, comfort and gentle energy you need to truly relax, or recover, and get back to yourself.

For shorter retreats, or for those on a tighter budget, there is a cute single retreat room (from 33€ a night) also available.  Just ask for more details.

Everything is flexible.  You can cater for yourself or have organic home-cooked (vegetarian or vegan) meals brought to you from just 12€ per meal; you can be quiet and keep yourself completely to yourself or we can incorporate some sessions of yoga, meditation and healing into your retreat programme to support the process and give you tools to take away.  Please see individual pages for prices of sessions.

It’s time to give yourself the time you need, for your sake and for all.

Click the button to request a chat and we will take it from there.


"I will return!"

I was looking to disconnect and rest after a very busy period in my life …I found that and much more…

Oana, Toulouse