Pure Meditation

Curious about meditation?  Get started with the Pure Meditative Peace single session training

Ready to go deep?  Take the Pure Meditation Course

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Pure Meditative Peace training

You’ve thought about how great it would be meditate – you know it could help you stay centred, manage stress better, improve your health, your sleep…make you generally better to be around…

BUT you haven’t found the time, or the right place, or the right person.  UNTIL NOW!

With so many mindfulness and meditation Apps and approaches out there it can feel a bit bewildering

With the Pure Meditative Peace single session training you CAN set yourself up, straight away, with all that you need to start a meditative practice in just one session.   You will

  • be individually taught by Jacqueline, a highly trained teacher and very experienced meditator
  • have a session of approx 1.5 hours here on site or online to learn a comprehensive, safe, step-by-step meditative practice
  • learn to care for your energies around your practice, a hugely important element which many teachings do not even consider
  • have ongoing personal support, including a follow-up to check in with you and answer questions, see how things are going
  • have the chance to join in regular group meditation evenings if you are local

It’s the single best investment you can make in your inner and outer peace and well-being.

No need to wait, the time is now

Wisteria at Loustalot

One-off training sessions 55€, child 33€, family 70€

Meditating in Dharma Room

Pure Meditation is here to help everyone, everything, ALL LIFE and for those truly searching for The Crown Jewel of Peace, Love, Joy.”  Mata Yogananda

Pure Meditation Course

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So you’d like to explore meditation in depth?  Wonderful.  Maybe you’ve been meditating for some time or perhaps it’s just that now you feel it’s time (or nearly!).  How right you are.

Pure Meditation is for you, now more than ever before ~ to give you the self-knowledge and wisdom to live life peacefully, whatever is going on around you or in the world, with true understanding and, yes, even with great joy.

You have here the chance, unique in France, rare even in the world, to give yourself a truly complete practice.  No need to go to an ashram in a far land for extended periods!  In this 5/6 day intensive course over a week or two weekends if on site, you will

  • learn a complete practice, perfect for managing the 21st century world, with highly practical tools
  • receive teachings from Raja and Kriya yoga, the highest forms of yoga, rooted in eternal truths
  • learn indispensible energy care techniques for caring for your energies and retaining your balance in everyday life
  • receive spiritual answers to practical questions on just about anything (habits, moods, food, sex, death…)
  • have a week bathing in peace and love, being looked after on every level with delicious organic vegetarian meals and private accommodation at Loustalot

Don’t hold yourself back, step out in faith, you have everything to gain.


"What a gift!"

Words fail me to express the deep happiness and bliss I found during this week…Each of the teachings given was a delight for me…It’s the first week in all my life that I have known only peace, kindness and spirituality.  What a gift!