Pure Spiritual Healing

Something challenging you right now? HEALING can give you the support you need to find your balance

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Pure Spiritual Healing

You’re feeling out of balance because of a life challenge?

A loss, a disease, an injury or general overwhelm?

Healing is for you.

It can give you the loving support that is needed to heal and get back to your centre.

Pure Spiritual Healing can strengthens us on all levels, in mind and spirit as well as in our physical body.  So it is truly holistic, non-interventional and knows no limits.

It can help you to re-align with your true self, get back to where you need to be to cope and manage whatever life presents.  It can give you that much-needed perspective on what’s going on.

We know that we need to be in balance to function fully and to help ourselves as well as others so really we all need regular healing as a preventative treatment too.

Unique in its depth and purity, having Pure Spiritual Healing is a particularly loving step to take for yourself and others.

It’s effective alongside medical treatment, as a trengthener at times of transition and change or for finding a general sense of peace, connection and…that all important balance.  Perfect for all ages including babies and children.

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“may our beacon of light ~ of the healing power ~ through our love of all creation GO FORTH AND HEAL”  Mata Yogananda

Healing in the Dharma Room

Message to you from Jacqueline

I’ve been healing now for many years, since my original in-depth training started back in 2005.  I hold an internationally recognized diploma and have ongoing professional develoment training.

It has been a real privilege to accompany so many people, both adults and children, on their healing journey towards wholeness (it still amazes me what healing can do!) and I would be delighted to do the same for you.

You can expect your first healing to take between 1 and  1.5 hours because there is generally a consultation first.  Here, we can look at what practical tools might be helpful for you so that you can continue the healing process yourself.

We keep the price of sessions reasonable and affordable so that as many souls as possible can benefit.  A first healing is 42€ and subsequent healings are 37€.

Please reach out and we can see how healing can make a real difference for you.

It would be great to speak with you,



"It will always be uplifting!"

When I’m feeling off center, I know it’s time to go back to Jacqueline for a few sessions of spiritual healing. It’s a gift that I offer myself, maybe the most precious gift of all.

Cécile, Pau