Yogananda Association

to guide you on your true yogic path

towards peace, wisdom, unconditional love and, ultimately,


We help open-minded souls uncover more love and peace within themselves, no matter what challenges life has brought them.

As a not-for-profit organisation, our intention is to make our meditation, yoga and healing experiences accessible to as many people as possible.

Having benefitted personally from the loving teachings of a great master, I am here now to spread that knowledge and positivity to empower you, through the work of Yogananda Association.

Please don’t hestitate to get in touch.  The website will give you a feel for what the association does but there’s nothing like a personal exchange to help decide what’s right for you.


Jacqueline Withers

“True meditation brings with it refreshment of the mind and body.”  Mata Yogananda


Hatha yoga for individuals or groups.


Pure Meditation courses and starter meditation training.


Pure Spiritual Healing sessions for balance and optimum health.


Personal retreats from a day to a week or more.



I feel peaceful, renewed, full of love, confident, and energetic.

Antonella, Paris