Hatha Yoga

In yoga we work with awareness of the interdependence of body, mind and spirit. Conscious movement, in co-ordination with the breath, balances and harmonizes the whole being, bringing a great many benefits.

It is ideal for supporting us at this time of rapid change in the world and in our lives, and is suitable for all levels, age-groups and body types.

Sessions ONLINE will help you to practise wherever you are and beat lockdowns, but we also have a beautiful, dedicated yoga and meditation studio on site.

The practice of Hatha Yoga and Relaxation helps to:
* calm the nervous system, relax and de-stress
* boost the immune system
* release accumulated toxins and tensions
* increase concentration and clarity of mind
* develop strength, stamina and flexibility of body and mind
* re-establish natural posture and alignment
* develop confidence, acceptance of self and spiritual direction
* relieve backache and many other aches and pains …

Sessions can be one-to-one, to suit your schedule, or in small groups.
Postures and exercises are selected and adapted to individual needs and students are encouraged to go at their own pace, listening to their bodies.
Many of the practises can be taken into everyday life for improved stress-management and balance at any time.

All are welcome, from those with no knowledge of yoga through to experienced yogis.

Yoga Therapy sessions are available to give safe, individual support if you have particular requirements or pathologies.

Give yourself some time out to steady the spirit, calm the mind, open the body… take a break from the constant activity and mental chatter of the world as it is. It will do you the world of good .

To book a yoga session, or ask your questions, please call Jacqueline on or send an email to edgar.jacqueline@gmail.com