Pure Spiritual Healing

This energy healing knows no limits - it can rebalance us on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can help with conditions or symptoms of any sort and, importantly, with the underlying causes. It strengthens our ability to cope at stressful times and can realign us with our true path in life.

It can be particularly helpful for:
* managing change and transition
* coping with a shock or a loss
* support during illness, medical treatment or recovery
* finding a sense of peace, connection and balance
* dealing with stress of any type

You should allow 1-1.5 hours for a first healing session which includes a consultation. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, you may receive breaths, energy tools or practical techniques to help you maintain your balance in everyday life.

The practitioner is professionally trained to offer the healing without interfering with the process by diagnosis, so the energy is free to go as deep as is necessary, and can heal imbalances that even the patient is not fully aware of. It is pure, natural and non-interventional. A positive step to take in life, whether or not you have specific concerns, many people find the treatment very relaxing and have a sense of peace during or after healing, in addition to the longer term benefits.

Your healer Jacqueline holds internationally recognized diplomas and many years experience.

Available on site at Loustalot with and (in certain circumstances) in your own home.

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. Personal healing sessions online are powerful and highly effective - healing energy knows no bounds.

Please contact Jacqueline at edgar.jacqueline@gmail.com or on to see how healing can help you or to make an appointment.

Give yourself the gift of healing